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The Addiction Diaries


My own story of battling addiction and coming into recovery is now published in "The Addiction Diaries". I only wish to carry the message and to share with the world that recovery is possible, life does get better and above all God has the best plans for each of us. 

It was an honour & privilege it is to be part of such an awesome project and to be associated with such courageous authors and their remarkable stories. 

"This book is a major contribution to the addiction literature canon by bringing a more human face to the public health problem of addiction and the joys of recovery" - Dr. Jamie Marich 

My recovery journey began with a crazy amount of denial, fear, and hopelessness. Over the years and having developed a personal relationship with God, I have gained a lot of self-awareness and a deeper appreciation for life. Recovery has been the best thing to ever happen to me and allowed me to follow my own passion of helping and empowering others financially. I want to carry a message of hope to those who feel hopeless and inspire people to go after their true purpose in life. We are all created to live a life of abundance. 

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