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Personal Empowerment

I believe everyone has unique God-given talents and abilities. When we are able to use our gifts, we are able to fulfill our true purpose. The problem is life is not that simple and we may have lost sight of our gifts or are under the impression we may not have any. My intention for you is to


This journey of authenticity can often be described as a "Hero's journey". We will encounter many challenges along the way.  Some of these challenges may even be unfair and unreasonable. as it requires us to move out of our comfort zone. We will encounter many 

My goal is to work with you in 

“Finding yourself" is not really how it works. You aren't a ten-dollar bill in last winter's coat pocket. You are also not lost. Your true self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people's opinions, and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became your beliefs about who you are. "Finding yourself" is actually returning to yourself. An unlearning, an excavation, a remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.”

― Emily McDowell


Let's uncover and use your Superpowers to play for your dreams

Spirit of PLAY

Through exploration, experimentation, creating & sharing, and relating with others we can play better

DESIGNing a Play plan

The game is on and and with a play plan, you will be filled with purpose and inspiration


 We were never meant to do life on our own. Lets try together!

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