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A strong financial Foundation

Updated: May 9, 2021

If you want to build a house, your foundation needs to be strong. We do this because we want what we build to last and withstand the forces of nature. Managing your money is no different. Our financial success will be determined by how well we manage our money and our ability to withstand the unforeseen events that life throws at us. The only certainty in life is that there will be uncertainty. Covid is the perfect example of life on life's terms. None of us could have foreseen or anticipated a worldwide lockdown that will not only affect our daily lives, it would also put businesses in jeopardy & have a negative effect on the global economy. People lost their jobs; businesses have had to close down, and our own mental health has been affected because of a tiny virus. It will always be the stuff we can't think of or anticipate that will make the most impact.