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Money Tips

I have put together some tips and ideas for you to consider when building your financial foundation. I will keep adding to this as time goes on. Check it out below. 

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This can be the year you take control of your money so you can live the life you were created for!! The best place to start is making the decision to live on less than you earn. This decision will give you freedom to setup an emergency fund if you haven't done so and/or pay off your high interest debt. Debt is going to slow you down so let's get rid of it.


You are worth it and your future self will thank you.

Financial Goals 2021.png

You are the HERO on your financial journey. Every journey will require some clear direction and goals. So let's get started!!

Firstly, write down your financial goals for the year and who you want to become. Secondly, picture yourself 12 months from now thinking of what you achieved and who you have become.

Maybe its debt you want paid off or are you ready to start setting up that emergency fund? Are you ready to invest for your financial future?

More importantly how will you be transformed by reaching these goals? Do you want to to feel more confident, have more control, experience more freedom?

New possibilities await. 

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Having a strong financial foundation requires us all to be prepared for the rain. Life happens every day. The only certainty in life is there will be uncertainty. Set aside 3 months of monthly expenses if you are employed and at least 6 months worth if you are self-employed. Money market funds are great for this.

2020 showed us all that we have very little control over what the future can hold. You owe yourself to set this as a financial goal if you haven't done so already. Not only will you sleep better at night, you will experience more self-confidence!

80% behaviour - Personal Finance

Mindset always matters. Our behaviour will directly affect how we manage our money, and how we manage our money directly affects our mindset.

Helping my clients build a solid foundation centred around a healthy money mindset sets them up for major success in the future.

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